Benefits of Amla for Hair

Benefits of Amla for Hair

Jul 05, 2016Yusuf Merchant

Benefits of Amla for Hair

What is Amla Powder?

Amla is well-known as a hair conditioner, but it also has valuable anti-dandruff properties. Amla powder is a tan powder that is made from drying Indian gooseberry, a small greenish yellow berry native to India. 

What are the benefits of amla for hair?

  • Adds body and shine to the hair
  • Reduces Hair Fall
  • Creates cooler toned browns when mixed withhenna
  • Prevents indigo from fading
  • Enhances dye uptake for those problematic roots
  • Darkens henna colors
  • Prevents the relaxing of curls and waves that can be caused by henna
  • Keeps the hair from turning brassy when used with cassia obovota (neutral henna)

How to use:

For Dandruff

Amla is well-known as a hair conditioner, but it also has valuable anti-dandruff properties.

  • Mix a little amla powder with water and apply this to the scalp.
  • Leave it on for about half-an-hour and wash off with water.

For Hair Fall

A natural ingredient, that can reduce hair fall, is amla. 

  • Crush amla fruit to extract juice or buy amla powder available at any herbal store.
  • Add 2 teaspoons of the juice or powder into an equal quantity lemon juice.
  • Mix well, apply to the scalp and leave it to dry; then rinse using warm water. 

With Henna

  • Prepare your henna paste as usual with acidic liquid, let it sit until dye release occurs, and then separately mix amla powder (¼ as much amla as henna) with warm water, and add to the henna paste. Separately mix indigo with warm water and add it to the henna/amla mix, stir thoroughly and apply immediately.


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